About Us

Pilar Reyes, president of Santamaria Designs, graduated from the acclaimed School of Architecture of the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. After 5 years of designing for renowned architect and decorator Ricardo Vargas Espinoza, she launched her own firm, Reyes Santamaria Arquitectos, in 1995.

In 2000, Pilar moved to Florida and brought her international perspective to the United States. One year later, she founded Santamaria Designs. The company has since completed hundreds of decorating and creative remodeling projects, winning recognition nationally and internationally. In addition to these accolades, Pilar is most proud of the feedback she has received personally from her clients—the individuals and families whose homes she has transformed into the living vision of their dreams.


Santamaria Designs brings together a group of experienced and passionate design professionals who coordinate their specialties to create a strong, unified team capable of making your dream home a reality. We prioritize service above all else, promising both efficiency and excellence to our clients.

Please see below to “meet” the talent behind Santamaria Designs. Or contact us to set up an
introduction. We love getting to know new people and projects!


Our goal is to satisfy your design dreams with integrated services, including remodeling, construction, staging and decoration services. You will have the full extent of our resources and expertise to achieve the room an ideal space for you to live happily, work productively and grow spiritually.

We develop our projects from start to finish, in a coordinated and centralized manner, within our network of trusted contractors. This way we save you the hassle of having to deal with multiple parties, making the process of designing your home a positive experience. This full-service approach also results in a seamless look and feel, given that all aspects of the project will be taken into account from the start.


We share the same philosophy, quality and efficiency at providing service to our clients.

Our extended Team are:
• Faux Finishes – Bottega Dell’Arte
• Tapestry – Peter’s Upholstery – 954.563.6661
• Kitchens – Planning and Building
• Art Provider – Indekora
• Curtains – Deco Windows
Sound Systems – Integrated Home Technologies
• Real State – Alexandra Patternina